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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill

Various tidbits that I couldn't find a good home for elsewhere on the site...

  • Read updates from MP about his upcoming Spring 2005 album:
  • Archived MP Gallery (bulletin board running from April 1997 through March 1999)
  • MP in Wikipedia (Thanks to holgerdors)
  • Did you know that...?
    • "Whole Truth" was featured on FX's "The Shield" in an episode from season two. (Thanks to bluepumpkin71 from the PennList.)
    • "High Time" was featured on NBC's comedy, "Scrubs" on 3/27/03. (Thanks to cynicsgirl)
    • "No Myth" was featured on VH-1's Pop Up Video
    • Michael was featured on some episodes of St. Elsewhere... if you can catch reruns of this, keep an eye out...
    • Michael scored PT Anderson's Hard Eight
    • He also scored AND made a cameo in Boogie Nights, also by PT Anderson.
    • Michael scored the film Anniversary Party
    • He co-produced the WallFlowers album Breach and Liz Phair's album (named ?)
    • He covered "Strawberry Fields" and (rumor has it) "Like a Virgin", a tune by his former sister-in-law. (I'd LOVE to hear that...)
  • Here is an email I received from MP on September 3, 1998, after setting up a birthday section on the site for his 40th birthday...
    Dear Tom,

    I wanted to thank you for the lovely site you have set up and also for all the birthday greetings. Please pass my thanks along to all those who posted. Now let's spread the rumor that I am actually 30 and see if it flies. Thanks again.


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