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Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Updated: 7/25/05

Read Michael's Q&A with Pennlist members, from January 2002. Thanks to Spencer for compiling this. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view this file.)

Q: What's the deal with this website? How can I find out more about it / who to contact with questions?
A: Check the Site Info page for details.

Q: When will Michael's next album be released?
A: August 2, 2005. This will coincide with an album release tour. Stay tuned for further developments.

Q: Where can I see Michael perform live?
A: Live performances are a bit of a rarity, sad to say. Happily, he has embarked on an album tour for 2005. For info about past and any upcoming shows, visit the Appearances page.

Q: When was Michael born? To whom? Where?
A: August 1, 1958. Son of Leo Penn and Eileen Ryan. NYC. Brother to Sean and Chris Penn.

Q: How can I contact Michael?
A: His fan mail address is...

Michael Penn
c/o Mark Spector
The Mark Spector Company
1515 Broadway, 36th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Please understand that personal replies to all messages are probably not possible. (I'm sure it's a lot of work to do that!) So if/when you don't get a reply, don't hold it against him. :)

Sorry, I am unable to provide his email address or other direct contact information.

Q: Where can I find March, Free For All or other rarities?
A: Up until recently, March and Free For All (Michael's 1st and 2nd major releases) were discontinued. Happily, they were recently re-released, and you can find them at any major record store (e.g. It's a bittersweet thing, actually. Read more about it here. But for the time being, you can go out and get 98% of these albums brand new, in one fell swoop. Otherwise, feel free to try the following outlets: (Links will open in a new window)

Q: Where can I find MP videos such as "No Myth" or "Long Way Down"?
A: Borrow or beg for the Pennlist DVD. No promises... it was a limited edition thing.

Q: What kind of drum machines did Michael use on March?
A: To create the drums for songs such as "No Myth" and others on March, Michael used a program called Performer (a MIDI sequencing program) to trigger samples he made. The samples used were a combination of commercial sounds as well as sounds he recorded himself into an Akai 900 sampler.

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