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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill

March / Free For All
But now we're uneven...

Maybe we should call it March For All? Or how about Free for March? Or better yet, This Album Nets Michael No Money at All and Is an Attempt by Michael's Old Label to Milk Money Out of His Talent Now That They Realize, Only Too Late, That He Is In Fact a Brilliant Musician?

Nah, that one's too long, not to mention brutally honest. But I think that paints the picture vividly enough.

Moving on, this is the latest full album to come from MP, albeit all re-releases. This album is actually a combination of Michael's first and second albums, March and Free For All, respectively. On their own, these records are ingenius, wonderful, entertaining, witty, etc etc. But this new release pits them together, minus the final track from Free, "Now We're Even". Penn Purists all over the world object to cutting any songs, so if you want the unabridged Free, grab a paddle and start learning how to use Ebay, cuz that's one of the few places where you can get it — it's out of print. But hey, who can complain about having 95.238% of these albums back on the shelf after having been hard to find for so long? Go out and get these while they're still around. If you already have them, then get back-up copies, for Pete's sake...

And no, the cover that you saw on the previous page is NOT the cover to this album... I made that up. :) The real cover is simply the same cover as March.

January 27, 2002

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