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Bunker Hill was created in April of 1996 by me, Tom Loiacono, as an undergraduate Communication major at Cornell University. Anyone who is a fan of Michael Penn knows it's nearly impossible to find substantial information about him anywhere, and the Internet is no exception. Such an astounding, creative, inspiring, and brilliant musician deserves more. And so do his fans.

This site is my attempt to resolve this.

It's my hope that this site can address some (if not most, or all) of this need. It's one of few of its kind (see more in the Links Section) that's devoted to this incredible musician. This page is an effort to collect, display, and house any and all information that can be found on Michael Penn, whether it's found by me or by anyone. Bunker Hill is a collective effort formed by dedicated Penn fans... and I know you're out there! There are many of you! I had no idea there were so many until I started this site. I've received scores of e-mails with comments, suggestions, compliments, submissions, etc... and all I have to say is, keep them coming!

My sincere thanks to the following for their support:

-Tom Made with a Mac

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