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Disclaimer and Related Info.

First, a disclaimer for this disclaimer: I know little of legal jargon, so I've written this in the terms I am familiar with. If anyone has any confusion with the following, please let me know.

It must be stipulated that with the exception of my personally-designed graphics (e.g. the MP logo seen on the top of this page, the side bar, the primary and secondary page splashes, and some others...) and some graphics created by others, the music, lyrics, and photos of Michael Penn et al. belong to him and only him, and to his label. If anyone objects to my use of any material on this site not belonging to me, please inform me, Tom Loiacono, immediately, and I will be glad to remove the offending material. I do not claim any rights or ownership to anything belonging to Michael Penn; I am not making any money off this site. I am merely using his music, photos, and lyrics to promote him and his music as best as I, a humble fan, can.

And if you're still freaking out that I'm ripping Michael off, relax. Michael himself has given his blessing to this site. He digs it; you should, too.

The image tom&wind2.jpg is Copyright 1997, by L. Meritt.

I do not endorse nor claim any responsibility for the external links leading from this site. Not to make it sound dangerous, but the visitors of this site use it and its external links at their own risk.



July 22, 1998

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