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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill
"No Myth" on Pop-Up Video

VH-1's Pop-Up Video aired "No Myth" recently (5/98), and someone kindly sent me a typed list of all the bubbles that appear during the video. The featured factoids range from common knowledge to pretty amusing tidbits. I was just glad to know that this video was still being played. :-) -TL

The words in brackets are comments put in by the person who sent this info to me. (Thanks to TheMallKat.)

  • This video was shot over two days in a commercial stage in Los Angeles.
  • Video concept: different lives "coexisting" in a single building
  • Michael and keyboardist Patrick Warren have coexisted since forming a band in 1981.
  • This is Michael's first video--he wanted it to be an "anti-video."
  • Michael's anti-video guarantee:
    • No breaking glass
    • No cleavage
    • No cars
  • Romeo did not wear black jeans--they weren't invented until 1848.
  • Elvis did--he started his own jeans line in 1957.
  • It was rumored he "stuffed" his.
  • Crossing legs [Michael is crossing his legs] for long periods of time can cramp "stuffing" and reduce sperm count.
  • Number of children Michael has: 1
  • He also has two younger brothers--actors Sean and Chris Penn.
  • Sean is known as the "anti-press" Penn.
  • Michael Penn
    Born: August 1, 1958
    Place: New York, NY
  • Michael says most celebrity families are "freakish celebrations of dysfunction."
  • The numbers [in the video] are intended to count off the lines in the song's chorus.
  • Water scenes [in the video] were taken from one of Michael's favorite films--1954's Victory at Sea.
  • The director saw 100 actresses before casting this one for her "wide-set eyes."
  • Michael did not want to lipsynch in this video.
  • His label insisted.
  • [Michael drops his pick]
  • Michael's response:
  • [Michael backs away from the microphone and mumbles]
  • To emphasize his lipsynching
  • [Arrow pointing to enlarged pick on floor] Actual size: 8"
  • Michael appeared in 1997's "Boogie Nights"--a film about the porn industry.
  • He had a small part.
  • He first appeared as a lab technician on a 1985 episode of "St. Elsewhere."
  • His first gig was at a junior high school talent show.
  • Some of these scenes were shot "secretly"--the actress didn't know the camera was rolling.
  • ['Don't Tread On Me' flag appears on-screen] Michael's flag
  • He strapped it on his car and drove around to "age" it for the video.
  • This actor didn't know he was auditioning for a music video.
  • The label suggested they cast actors who were "more video."
  • They also suggested Michael change the name of this song to "Romeo In Black Jeans."
  • He refused.
  • But their suggestions did prompt one change.
  • He stopped wearing black jeans.
  • It's no myth that Michael involved himself in every aspect of this anti-video. He has admitted to being a "pest" during its shooting, but the video made a Romeo out of Michael--it won him MTV's Best New Artist award in 1989. He wore black slacks to accept.

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