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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill
Update From Michael - 10/26/2004

Originally posted at the Yahoo Pennlist.
It's October.
My new record is already 4 months old and can sit up all by itself.
I am trying not to obsess about the fact that it hasn't come out yet
(and likely won't come out until next spring).
The realities of a dying business being what they are, there really
isn't anything I can do about it. 

But for those of you interested, I have been asked to write a few
words about Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947

That year has always held a fascination for me. 
When I was writing these songs I found I was placing myself,  people,
places, events into a different world. 
I knew what it was. I recognized it. 
It was America in 1947. 
The war was over. 
Thousands of boys, now men I suppose, had returned home from the
great trauma of war 
to the muted traumas of life.
But the world was different and things were moving fast. 
And for me, events set in motion that year were resonating more than
ever and I couldn't seem to get them out of my head. I still can't.
We had this victory over madness, people blending Ouija with Monopoly
The first nation in history to have the position and power to take
over the entire globe.
But we didn't. At least that's what it seemed like.
Some of it was little things. 
The Department Of War got a name change. Something more in keeping
with our righteousness. 
Television finally reached the west coast and broadcasts were now
But Allies became enemies and wars could now be cold.
The National Security Act was passed and the C.I.A. was formed
People talked about the Black List but not about Project Paperclip.
It was the year of the U.N. Partition and the invention of the
And with U.F.O.s on his tail, Yeager broke the speed of sound while
in a cave a scroll was found.
O.K.. I know enough to stop when I start rhyming this shit.
The point is, this isn't what the record's about, but it's the sepia
world it occupies.
And as far as I can tell, I am still there. 

So, it won't be long. I promise.
Thanks to all of you for helping Spencer build up this list.

Posted 11/2/04

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