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Update From Michael - 6/14/2004

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Hi and thanks for coming. First off let me say that this site is a work in progress and my hope is that one day it can evolve into an interesting, interactive media channel for all sorts of things. I have lots of hopes and ideas about that, but at the moment I'm saving up for strings.

A quick catch up. I was happy to see that 5 of my productions were included on the Liz Phair record after all. I was really proud of the record we made and I'm glad that some of it saw the light of day. After that production I scored a movie called "Melvin Goes To Dinner". The film is based on a play called Phyrogiants, written by Michael Blieden. During its run in Los Angeles the play caught the attention of Bob Odenkirk. For those of you not familiar with Bob, he was the Bob of Bob and David - the creators and stars of HBOs Mr. Show. Bob (I have never in my life typed Bob so many times) and Michael Blieden turned the play into a truly wonderful film. For more info check out

After scoring Melvin, I started work on a side project of mine. I don't really know how to describe it but I will let you know when I figure out how.

And for the last year I have been working on my new record. Without a multi-national footing the bill (while orchestrating my debt), I can only afford to record at home. Everything takes a little longer at home. But now the record is done. I know I take a long time between records. I am sorry about that. It certainly hasn't done my career any good. But honestly, it isn't because I take forever to make them. I take forever to write them.

But for some reason I am in a pretty prolific period. My guess is that it may have something to do with finally being off a major label. As you know, the upcoming record was to be called "Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947". I am adding "...Part 1" to the title as I am diving right in to another group of songs and I suspect Part 2 will follow in an uncharacteristically short time.

Things being what they are in the music business, there is a minimum 3 month set up time before the actual release of the record. That isn't to say that I won't find ways to expedite getting music out to those of you who have signed up.

It makes me happy that so many of you are participating in the Pennlist Discussion Group. Spencer has been so helpful in getting this site off the ground and I want to take this opportunity to thank both him and Joel Levan at for making this a reality.

I urge anyone who hasn't to sign up. There will be a lot of activity in the next couple of years and I want to let you know what's going on. Also, for all those that do, there will soon be a special section of the site as well as MP3s and other sorts of swag.


Posted 11/2/04

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