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  • [January 29, 2004] Spencer at the Pennlist, has learned that the new and improved is in the final stages of testing and should be up and running by 2/7/04! (January 31, 2004 UPDATE: This date has been pushed back to 2/14/04)

  • [January 22, 2004] Via the Pennlist, I've found out the name of Michael's next album: "Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947". According to Spencer from the Pennlist, "The CD is kind of thematically based in 1947 and the title is from a painting he purchased at a flea market." Still hoping for a Spring release. [UPDATED 4/26/04: Check the FAQ for updates as they come.]

  • [October 10, 2003] The Trio channel will be rebroadcasting a 12/27/89 David Letterman show with MP. (Thanks to Marc on the Pennlist for this information.) Here's the schedule:
    Late Night With David Letterman
    Frank Gifford, Michael Moore, Michael Penn
    Thursday, October 16 10:00 pm (EDT)
    Friday, October 17 1:00 am (EDT)

  • [March 17, 2003] is celebrating its 7th anniversary! Check out my message to OnBunkerHill & MP fans.

  • [February 21, 2003] Michael will be performing at the SXSW 2003 Music Festival on 3/13/03. More information can be found either here and/or here. (Thanks for the info, Spencer.) 3/17/03 Update: Report on the show

  • [February 14, 2003] For those of you fortunate enough to get out to Hollywood, thank fpcheese from the MichaelPennList for this news:

    Michael performing at "COMICS FOR PEACE".
    An anti-war comedy show to benefit Not in Our Name.
    Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
    8:00 PM at The Roxy Theatre on Sunset


    and music from MICHAEL PENN!
    plus MORE! for tickets & information

    2/25/03 UPDATE: Read about the show here

  • [January 6, 2003] Here's a message MP sent to the Yahoo MichaelPennList today:
    here is the latest. As far as I know the album I made with Liz Phair has been put on the shelf as she has gone back in the studio with Matrix (a songwriting/production team with a VERY different aesthetic...oh well). I am off to the Slamdance Film festival in Utah this weekend for the premier of Melvin Goes To Dinner. This is the film I just scored. Then it's back home for work on my next record. I'm still hoping for a summer release. There is info on the film at as well as I will be releasing the soundtrack, at least on a limited basis, very soon. Remind me and I will get you a sample for the list ahead of time. The web site is still not up but it is being worked on. It will be up and running in time for the next record but I doubt before.

    I hope this finds you well and in a very happy new year.


    The web site he's referring to will be the new and improved official

  • [October 30, 2002]: If you've ever visited the MichaelPennList on Yahoo, you have probably heard of Spencer, the group's fearless and tireless moderator. Spencer just received this email from MP today and posted it on the list. Here's a copy of the message:

    Hello Spencer,

    Please say hello to everyone on the list. I am still writing songs for my next record. I haven't recorded any of them yet as I am working on the soundtrack to Melvin Goes To Dinner, a film based on the play Phyrogiants and directed by Bob Odinkirk (of Mr. Show, Larry Sandars etc...).
    I am still hoping for a summer 2003 record.
    I assure you that when my record is done there WILL be a new web site. You have no idea what a drag it is for me that my domain name still takes you to Sony.
    I hope you are well and that the list is growing.
    Write me if I can do anything.

    Take good care.

  • [October 30, 2002] Many people have been inquiring about how to contact Michael to send him fan mail. Well, here you go..

    Michael Penn
    c/o Michael Hausman Artist Management
    48 Laight Street
    New York, NY 10013

    Please understand that personal replies to all messages are probably not possible. (I'm sure it's a lot of work to do that!) So if/when you don't get a reply, don't hold it against him. :)

  • [August 6, 2002]: As I've been promising for a while, I've been able to do some cleanup of the site. Over the past six years, I've collected a number of links and tidbits of news, and they've gradually gotten more and more disorganized. I have now (hopefully) reorganized things to make them easier to locate in the site. If you have any comments about this, don't hesitate to contact me. Go ahead and get reacquainted with the site... you'll probably find new things you never saw before...

    New sections added:

  • [January 6, 2002] The latest from the MichaelPennList: On January 21, Michael and his wife Aimee Mann will be on the Tonight Show performing "Two of Us". Set your VCRs...

    Also, you may have noticed the change of address that Bunker Hill has recently undergone. This may or may not be temporary... I'm certainly hoping to get working again, so stay tuned. Thanks...

  • [December 11, 2001] Sometime around the end of the year, the site MAY (or may not) have a temporary change of address. I'll try to minimize this time as much as I can. If you have trouble accessing the site, check Yahoo! or the MichaelPennList. Thanks for your patience.

  • [January 9, 2001] Be sure to keep tabs on and/or for the latest Acoustic Vaudeville dates. The latest additions:

    Mon. 1/22/01 Town Hall, NYC
    Tues. 1/23/01 Town Hall, NYC

    Fri. 1/19/01 Berklee Performance Center, Boston
    Sat. 1/20/01 Berklee Performance Center, Boston (NEW)

  • [January 6, 2001] On January 17 and February 26, Comedy Central will be showing the old episode of Saturday Night Live with Michael as the musical guest. Sean Penn hosts. See the RockOnTV site for more details. (Thanks to James for this info.)

  • [December 8, 2000] In the very near future, will be taken over by... Michael Penn... That's right-- he has bought his site & domain from Sony and will be launching his OWN site soon. Stay tuned!

  • [September 29, 2000] Visit Inside The Music Q&A for an insightful and educational question and answer session Michael held with a few fans. The theme? Why major labels are evil... ;-) Thank goodness he's going indie soon. He needs to get away!

  • [September 14, 2000] You may have noticed that the frames that this site was built on are now gone... For a number of reasons, I have opted to eliminate frames. I sincerely hope this does not adversely affect anyone's browsing experience. If you have any comments about this, please let me know.

    You may have also noticed a new feature: the MP Daily Quote. Try it out! Postings will appear one at a time on the front page of Bunker Hill.

    There will be other changes to the Bunker Hill look-and-feel in the future... stay tuned...

  • [August 1, 2000] I'm sending out a call to arms, from the cities to the farms, through the sounding of alarms with all the bells and whistles...

    It's Michael's 42nd Birthday today!

    (Sorry. That first part was cheesy.)

    Do what you can to spread the birthday wishes... buy a cd, post a note on the MichaelPennList (see bottom left of screen), or just tell a friend. :-)

  • [June 17, 2000] It's about time... Sorry this took me so long, but I finally have the lyrics posted for MP4. For those of you who have the album, you probably could care less. :-) But for those of you who don't and are interested, they're now up for your perusal.

  • [June 13, 2000] Michael and Aimee Mann played the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on 6/11/00... what a GREAT show!

  • [June 2, 2000] For those of you overseas, Michael and Aimee will be performing their Acoustic Vaudeville show in London on July 13. For more information, please visit the Marshall Arts Web site. Basic Info:
    Thursday 13th July 2000
    Doors Open 7pm
    Tickets Go on Sale on Friday 9th June 2000 @ 9.00 A.M.
    Reserved and Unreserved Seats £20

  • [June 02, 2000] Visit the Acoustic Vaudeville Web Site...

  • [May 18, 2000] Thanks to Derek for providing these images he got from Michael Penn's and Aimee Mann's recent show in San Francisco.

  • [May 12, 2000] Two New Transcriptions: High Time & Beautiful

  • [May 11, 2000] Get Your MP/Aimee Mann Tickets at TicketMaster!!

  • [April 26, 2000] Article on about Michael and Aimee.

  • [April 25, 2000] Tour Dates: Check out the Aimee Mann site for upcoming tour dates for the MP/Aimee Mann Acoustic Vaudeville Tour. (Register to win free tickets there, too!)

  • [April 16, 2000] MP4 Review at InkBlot Magazine

  • [February 18, 2000] Read my own little review about the 2/12/00 Somerville show.

  • [February 16, 2000] Michael Penn and Aimee Mann have added 3 new dates to their tour. More info...

  • [February 11, 2000] See the latest Rolling Stone for an article about Michael and Aimee Mann

  • [February 06, 2000] Looks like lots of talk is circulating about "MP4: Days Since a Lost Time Accident". Last I checked, it was ranked 103 in's sales. I just got the album last Friday, and it's fulfilled and surpassed my own expectations. Once again, he's created more rich melodies, catchy riffs, and crafty lyrics that send chills down your spine. Check out the MichaelPennList to jump in on some MP discussions about the new album, and more. Also, feel free to share your MP/Aimee Mann concert experience... I'll try to collect them and post them to provide some sort of vicarious concert-going experience for everyone. :-)

  • [January 27, 2000] Read an article about Michael and Aimee's show in San Francisco...

  • [January 14, 2000] Michael Penn is about to start touring with wife and musician Aimee Mann. Find out more about it and for Pete's sake, try to catch them!

  • [December 04, 1999] The new album, "MP4: Days Since a Lost Time Accident", is slated for release on February 1, 2000. Find out more information and see the track list. ALSO: Check out 3 new links in the links section.

  • [November 08, 1999] For the countless MP fans looking for "March" or "Free For All", which unfortunately are out of print, I recommend you check out the following sources. These are also great places to find MP rarities (sheet music, promo CDs, live performances, etc.).

  • [October 26, 1999] From
    "The new album MP4 (Days Since A Lost Time Accident) is completed and will be released next year. Stay tuned for more info."

  • [August 21, 1999] I've been receving MANY emails recently from people who've read or heard about Michael's supposed upcoming album, "Days Since a Lost Time Incident." Some of you have said it's coming in August, some in September, some in October... your guess is as good as mine. :-) I'll let you know definitively as soon as I find out.

    Also-- FYI: Regarding updating announcements and replying to emails--- I'm between residences right now (just got a job in Boston... very cool), so my Internet access is limited right now (since I often can't get to a computer). I'll be more settled in a week or two, and by then I'll be in much better shape to keep on top of things. Thanks for your patience.

  • [August 13, 1999] Whew... the page is finally back. I'll be switching over to a new server very soon, so you won't have to put up with these annoying pop-up ads much longer, I promise. :-) Not much news to report about Michael, unfortunately... haven't heard much. (Although he did just recently celebrate his 41st birthday...) If you have any news, however, please let me know. In the meantime, check out the links section for a site about Paul Thomas Anderson... a frequent collaborator of Michael Penn. (Boogie Nights, Hard Eight...)

  • [April 24, 1999] Please note that the following announcement should have gone up a month ago, but my server had some serious issues, and the posting never made it. Sorry about that…

  • [March 17, 1999] Sorry there hasn't been much to say lately... I suppose it's partially cuz I've been busy as ever, but also cuz there hasn't been much to say. However, thanks to Brian for pointing out Brian Wilson's top album picks of 1998. Stay tuned for some stories about Mann/Penn shows in LA... (Stories about past shows, not upcoming ones... I have no info about any touring.)

    Also... as an advanced warning... I graduate from here (Cornell) in a couple months (May 30, 1999 to be exact). And as soon as I graduate, I lose my server space which I have been alotted here. Therefore... I have to find a new server pretty darn soon. If there are any breaks in service during this transition, I apologize in advance, but I'll do the best I can to make this move as uneventful for you as possible. :-) Thanks for your patience.

  • [December 31, 1998] Looking for March? I know many of you have been... Well, thanks to one MP fan (Sasha), I found out you can pick it up at which carries a variety of in-print and out-of-print music. Just do a search for Michael Penn, and you'll find March ($10), Free For All ($8), and Resigned ($13.11). I hope this helps the hordes of you who've had trouble finding any of these disks (particularly March). Thanks again to Sasha for this tip!

  • [December 28, 1998] Well... this semester has been quite busy for me. But now that it's done and the holidays are past, I have a little more free time. I apologize that the page hasn't changed much, but there hasn't been a whole lot to report. One of the most pressing issues I'm trying to work on is finding out what's up with "March"... so many of you have had such hard times locating it. Most of you have been unsuccessful in your search. I've contacted someone at 57 Records about this, but I haven't received a response in quite some time. So, I'll see what I can do.

    In the meantime, I've appreciated all the emails you've sent, although I've often been tardy in responding. I'll try to keep that from happening anymore!

    I've been toying with a new idea for the page (an idea echoed by a fellow MP fan). What do you think of having a new section in which people can offer their interpretations of MP songs? Good? Bad? Don't care? Let me know what you think about this.

    Lastly-- One person told me they saw Michael on old reruns of St. Elsewhere on Nick at Nite... if you're lucky, maybe you can catch him, too! Thanks for all your support and kind comments.

  • [September 03, 1998] I was shocked and elated to have received this e-mail from Michael Penn himself this morning. And even though he specifically mentions the Birthday Gallery, I'd be willing to bet that he's looked at the original MP Gallery as well. Both Michael and I thank you for all your support. [And btw, please don't ask me for his email address, cuz I don't have it... :-) Sorry...]

    Dear Tom,

    I wanted to thank you for the lovely site you have set up and also for all the birthday greetings. Please pass my thanks along to all those who posted. Now let's spread the rumor that I am actually 30 and see if it flies. Thanks again.


  • [July 23, 1998] Michael's birthday (August 1) is rapidly approaching.... Post your own birthday greetings in the MP Birthday Gallery! (For obvious reasons, this won't be around much longer... so if you want to post in the Birthday Gallery, do it soon!)

  • [July 20, 1998] "No Myth" has been featured on VH-1's Pop-Up Video a few times, and someone has kindly given me all of the text that appears in the bubbles during the video.

  • [June 06, 1998] I apologize to Robert for not responding to this sooner, but he's discovered that the video for "Try" is included as a bonus on the DVD for "Boogie Nights." (He said he did NOT find it on Laserdisc... Videotape?... who knows.)

  • [June 06, 1998] Thanks to James for pointing out the reviews and articles about Michael at Music Boulevard.

  • [June 06, 1998] Here's my own little query... a year ago or so, I heard about Michael doing a cover of Madonna's "Like a Virgin." (A tribute to his ex-sister-in-law?) Now, you people did such a good job hunting down info about "Strawberry Fields Forever" that I pose this new challenge to you... Lemme know if you know anything about it.

  • [June 06, 1998] I've gotten a lot of e-mails from people with addresses like "resigned@" or "nomyth@" and even "MichalPenn@". My challenge to you is to WRITE TO ME with these kind of things... Do you have an email address that has an MP theme? How about your car? Somebody once wrote me saying that they have MP license plate frames (or something like that). Do you have MP stuff?? Do you even have a Penn State jacket just cuz you like that it says "Penn"? (True story!... someone told me that, too...) Let me know!!

  • [June 05, 1998] Thanks to all of you who responded to the "Strawberry Fields Forever" query. If you're interested to find out more about this, go to The Official MP Page OR go to The KCRW Radio Station site where you will find MP's Real Audio interview and performance. The song itself is 26-27 minutes into the interview, but you can fast forward to it. He also does acoustic versions of a bunch of songs from Resigned. [Thanks to Edison, Ed, Joe, Andy, and Brian for this.]

  • [June 02, 1998] I recently received an email from Ed, a Penn fan, asking about a MP cover of "Strawberry Fields Forever" that he caught on the radio... does anyone know anything about this re-make? Please let me know.

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