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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill

South by Southwest (SXSW) (3/13/03)

This report is made from excerpts of people's postings on the Yahoo! PennList.

Video Clip: Michael performing an acoustic version of "Don't Let Me Go" from MP4. (Scroll down on that page to get to the link, or try using this link.)


Notes from simmonsland's posting...

  • Played mostly from Resigned and MP4
  • Partial set list:
  • Miscellaenous comments:
    • He seemed a bit nervous - "I feel outnumbered," he said at one point to the crowd of 1,000.
    • His between-song banter was spot-on as well: "So, I'm curious, are any major labels represented here tonight? Boy, you guys are screwed."

Notes from Atreides's posting...

  • Atreides spoke with Liz Phair at the show and found out that five of the tracks that MP produced for her made it on to her new album.
  • Atreides also spoke with the man himself and found out some juice about an Acoustic Vaudeville album...
    • Apparently, one of the sound engineers altered the mic setup for the tapings. As a result, the audience got a great show, but the vocals came out sh***y on the tapes. Michael didn't want to do a new vocal track in the studio because that would eliminate the entire point of the live performances so he's trying to salvage what he can, keep it and make more material when they do more Acoustic Vaudeville shows.

Notes from Kristin's posting...

  • He did say something before playing one of his songs that was really funny. I don't think he was poking fun at anyone, but it was truly ironic. He said something like, 'this one starts out really quiet at the beginning, and I don't expect any of you to be very quiet, so just think of it as a laid-back, Wilco, foxtrot number'....


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