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By Michael Penn

Transcribed here by me, Tom

Things to note:

  • I've included the riffs he plays throughout the tune... Without the effects he uses on the album, it may sound kinda plain. Oh well. :-)
  • I figured this out with a Capo on the 2nd fret. But of course... that's your call.
  • As usual, where you see chords in bars (like this: | G |A D| ), if a note is by itself in a measure (the G in this case), it gets a full count. (Four beats in this case.) If there are 2 notes (like with the A and D) then they each receive half a measure (2 beats in this case). If you seen numbers in parentheses next to notes (like so: |A(3) D(1)|) that means that the A gets 3 beats and the D gets two. Simple enough? (Don't you just love my shorthand?)
  • There's one chord you'll use, but I haven't been able to name the sucker. So, I'll call it Ex. If you can name it, please lemme know.

    Here it is:Chord

  • I've also tried to write out a little part of the main riff he uses in his solo in this song. You'll see it below, aptly named "solo riff." Throw it in wherever it seems appropriate (based on what you know about the song, and based on the chord progression of the riff).

(Play riff twice for introduction...)

(Keep riff going for first 3 lines:)

Leave it for awhile; come back
Leave it for awhile; come back
Leave it for awhile; come back

G                 D     Ex
What would make a smile on you?

(Resume riff...for the next line:)

Are you closing in? Come back.

(Switch to this variation of the riff for this next line:)
Riff Variation
Are you still believing what you read?

G             B7              C    C/B  G         D    C
Are you still believing every word?     That is what I heard...

Em             B7   Em    Em  D          
Before the day is   done...     you will 

C   B7   C (hammer on D String, 2nd fret)
no--tice one...

   Em              D            C       D      Em  C 
Is caught inside a web somebody spun in your imagination

G             D/F#           Em
Treaded water til I made you cry

G              D/F#             Em            C
But I love you more than I will now recall at all

G             B7                   C7            G
I was born to call that bluff; and isn't history

       C             G
Just a bargain and a plea

C                          B7                Em   B7  Em
That we'd all know what to break and what to rise a---bove

C            B7   C         Em          D   Cadd9
Do you think that love is a figment of..... 

D      Em   C
Your imagination? 

(Use the solo riff around here:)
Solo Riff

| G |
|D(3) Em(1)|
| C |
|G  G/F#|

| Em |
|D(3) Em(1)|
| C |

(Play first riff twice for interlude, and also play for the next 3 lines:)

Leave it for awhile; come back
Leave it for awhile; come back
Leave it for awhile; come back

G                 D     Ex
What would make a smile on you?

G               D     Em
Are you closing in?

G             D                Em     C
Are you now receiving what you need?

G      B7           C             G          
    So go find your magician now; I'm an apparition

C              Em
    Under some suspicion... so I flew

And the sky so blue

      Em   D        C      D    C   
For a coup d'état in your imagination...

| G |
|D(3) Em(1)|
| C |
|G  G/F#|

|:| Em |
|D(3) Em(1)|
| C |
|G  G/F#|:|

Repeat section between the 2 colons while incorporating the solo riff in,
And fade out...

August 13, 1997
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