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Macy Day Parade

by Michael Penn
from the Godzilla Soundtrack

As perceived by Paul Furedi

Thanks again, not only to Michael for such a kickin' tune, but also to Paul Furedi for this transcription. He did a great job with it, in my humble opinion... Here's what Paul has to say for himself about it:

No capo, basic chords (standard open string E chords, second position barre B chords) The low string riffs are real easy, usually with a bent and released G on the low E string at the end. My chords represent the entire harmony present, including the vocal line and bass guitar part, and often the guitar chords do not include the major seventh in the melody or the third in the bass, so use your judgment as to where to keep my symbols, and where they may just be confusing.

Got it? Good. Now go play it. :-)

key of E
6/8 time


E / / B / / | E / / / / / | E / / / / /


E       B       E
   Macy day parade

E       B      A   E
 Saw it on a   sta-tion

E       B       E
 It is in the   air

    E          B        C#m    C#m/B
The floats are floatin' in it

Amaj7     B
     Everything's all right

E   B   E

    E    B        E
Yes everything is changed

E    B         A       E/G#
Everything you thought of

    E        B        A/C#  B/D#
But don't it look the same

E        B            C#m
When you bend down to it

A         B      A/C#        B/D#
Bend like giants filled with rum

    A/E   B/F#   A      B
You wanna see me Fee Fo Fum

A       B         C#m       G#m
You are traipsing through tonight

  Amaj7  B
A garden of delight

E   B   E

E         B      E
Bring the family up

E          B           A    E/G#
Bring your friends and neighbors

E         B           E
When they call, "Last call,"

E        B      C#m
You look so contagious

    Amaj7   B
And I would catch it all

E   B    E (7)

E    B        E (7)
Neon signs of love

  E    B       E (7)
Exotic girls retire

E       B     E (7)
Power's out tonight

E      B       C#m
It has blown a wire

   A     B
So never mind

    A/C#  B/D#
You never might

         A/E  B/F#     C#m B   
Till you cultivate an appetite

A            B    C#m     G#m
For the only open hand to bite

  Amaj7  B
A garden of delight

E   B   E

E   B   E

F#m    B7     

Amaj7   B    E

E        B         E
Let your hair hang low

E       B      E
Let the air surround you

E    B         A       B          
If I lick your wound tonight

C#m       G#m      F#m  B
Would you leave me or requite

A     B       C#m    G#m
Honey you are sure polite

  Amaj7  B
A garden of delight

E   B   E

E   B   E

F#m    B7

Amaj7   B    E

June 6, 1998
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