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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill

Michael at "Tractor Tavern" Seattle, WA (6/18/03) (More Info)

This is an excerpt from Morgan's posting on the Yahoo! PennList. Thanks to Morgan for posting the report there.

Ick...the Seattle show was not at all full of hecklers. I would have written about it yesterday, but my eyes were too tired from the trip to actually read the computer screen. There was a bigger turn-out than I had expected, and I met 2 rather charming Penn fans. I had to take the train for 2 hours to get to the show, and I was in Seattle for about 9hours before the show I was totally travel worn and outside of time, and I have no idea how long the set lasted, though I know there were 2 encores. The crowd was very supportive, and though it sounds as though the show went just about the same as the others that have been logged here on the list, there were several fulfilled requests, and though most were shakey to start, all were a pleasant surprise. "Don't Let Me Go" was a highlight in my opinion. The crowd seemed the most excited (to me) about material from Resigned. Also, the 2 people that attended with me didn't know MP, and though skeptical, were pleasantly surprised. (or maybe they were trying to not hurt my feelings)

Someone called out about the video for Long Way Down at this show, as well. Well, I am an absolute nut for the Quay Brothers (other fans should check out "Alic" by Jan Svankmajer), and for Michael Penn, so I was very sad to hear MPs reply that the only way to see the video was to see an exhibition of Quay Brothers films.


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