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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill

Michael at "Dantes @ Aladdin Theater" Portland, OR (6/19/03) (More Info)

This is an excerpt from Chris', Elion's, and Brian's postings on the Yahoo! PennList. Thanks to them for posting the reports there.

Thanks, Portland! Especially to the guy who asked Michael if he "knows any songs about black jeans" while he stood figuring out his encore. He was playful all night last night and seemed willing to take a stab at a request or two, but the constant heckling and *demand* to hear No Myth ruined the mood and sent him off stage earlier than I think he planned. Nice going folks.

Otherwise, it was a great 75 minute set.

I was at that show too. The guy yelled "Just play No Myth and shut up!"

Michael said "You know what? NO!"

He played it during the encore anyway, but dedicated it to everyone except that one guy.

I was at the show, and sat next to the heckling couple. It was kinda weird, b/c its not that they weren't unfamiliar with his newer stuff.. The woman even cried out "Yay!" when MP launched into "Try". But she kept pestering her boyfriend/husband/whatever to call out for "Romeo in Black Jeans" all night. I kept assuring her that he would get around to "No Myth" eventually, but when he came back for the encore she started pestering again. The boyfriend, who had refused for about an hour, finally yelled out something like "Do you know any songs about Black Jeans!?" in a kind of annoying way...

So MP says something to the effect of "I've played everything I prepped for the tour, but I guess I better get that one out of the way" and he did. He then raised his arm in a wave goodbye and left right after. (the only song he played for the encore) Not sure if they were the reason he cut it after one encore or not. :(

Except for that little bit at the end though, the crowd was really great. Huge shouts of applause after every song, lots of good questions when MP had to switch guitar strings, and it seemed like the majority of the crowd was familiar with Resigned and MP4. The biggest applause probably came after "Brave New World". (Michael nailed the little falsetto bit every single time, it sounded f***ng great!)

MP actually talked quite a bit, told some funny stories, most of which have already been recounted on the list. Interestingly, he doesn't seem to have a grudge against The Matrix (when people started booing them, he said "No, they're actually good at what they do"). When asked about Madonna, he said something like "I actually liked her. I called her Louise, though. I'm not sure if she cared for that."

At one point, he told a story about the video for "Long Way Down". When someone shouted out "where do we see it?!", he mentioned the Pennlist, and then said all quietly and conspiratiorially, "I think they're bootlegging it..."

MP played I believe 4 new songs, all fantastic. His upcoming album should be one of his best yet. I'm not sure what the titles actually were, but here is what they might have been called:

"Automatic" (fun, major chord song reminiscent of "Try" or "No Myth")
"That Was Then/Baby I'm Pretending" (great, depressing, dirge about our desire to believe people long past the point when we should)
"Who wants to be a Millionaire?" (ironic swipe at television, consumer culture, etc)
[crap, can't remember the lyrics from the fourth one right now, sorry!]

MP quote of the night: "This is a little song about optimism, or as I like to call it, the pretty side of denial."


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