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Michael at "Largo" (4/5/03)

This is an excerpt from Jake's 4/5/03 posting on the Yahoo! PennList. Thanks to Jake posting the report there.

Just wanted to let the list know that MP showed up at Largo on Friday to open for Jon Brion. He played a great little set that served as a tasty little preview of the upcoming show on Tuesday.

Here's what went down:

Now We're Even
Bucket Brigade
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (new song, not positive about the title)
Baby, I'm Pretending (same as above)

Jon joined Michael for the final two songs, which were:

Me Around
High Time

Jon played piano for "Me Around," pulling off a killer solo. And for "High Time" Jon looped drums, piano, "bass," and guitar behind MP's acoustic rhythm for a really fun outro.

The best quote of the night was:

"I promised myself I was going to start talking more between songs. I played a show not too long ago and I think I did pretty well. But tonight I'm pretty much sucking."


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