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Michael Penn... Bunker Hill

Michael at "Largo" Los Angeles, CA (11/18/03)

This is an excerpt from Jake's posting on the Yahoo! PennList. Thanks to Jake for posting the report there.

After playing a new song that I'm assuming is called "In The Meantime," [Ed. Note: Title is "Automatic"] which goes, "Things are looking up... In the meantime," Michael said "That song is about optimism, which I like to think of as the pretty side of denial."

Okay, here's the setlist:
Now We're Even
Bucket Brigade
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
High Time
Long Way Down
Denton Road
Me Around
Don't Let Me Go
Bad Sign
Walter Reed
I Can Tell
Brave New World
Like Egypt Was
No Myth

Obviously I don't actually know the names of the new songs, so some of those titles might be totally wrong. [Ed. Note... I fixed them, Jake. :)]

Great show. I think he's playing again in December.


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